Friday Photo Dump V


This week featuring food (obvs), cat friends, and a snack complete with HEALTHY banana pancakes (they’re made out of just bananas and eggs). It’s been a long week, looking forward to some time off this weekend and seeing friends! Hopefully I’ll fit some design work in there too…

Hope you’ve had a good week too 🙂


Friday Photo Dump IV

Featuring: nomz, a picnic with A, animal friends. I’ve neglected to document my trip home, but it’s just because it was too great and I can’t relive it yet.

Friday Photo Dump III

I know I’m being pretty liberal with my numbering system, but technically I HAVE posted two photo dumps before (here and here). This one will have a few throwbacks, but I think they’re still worth it to chronicle my life at this moment.

Weekly Photo Dump I

I’ve promised myself I’m going to become the kind of person that always remembers to take pictures, but it’s still a work in progress. Here are a few photos from my first official week, with more to come!

Not pictured: friendship bracelet making, experiments with banana pancakes, loads of nutella and baguette, coloring, the park, the oldest child, etc. etc. etc. Like I said, I’m working on it!