Tuesday Mood


Patterns + black&white inspiring me this week.

I’m not usually looking for things that advertise I’m not from Paris, but that sweatshirt is perfection (is it just me or are there about 1,000 more sweatshirts that I need in my life all of the sudden?)

More inspo and further links on my Pinterest.



Monday Mood Board I

I have a serious addiction to Pinterest. Here’s an example of how it goes: I deleted the Facebook app off my phone because I found myself wasting too much time on it, but I could NEVER do that with Pinterest. I’m being productive on Pinterest because my pins are important to my life! Recipe ideas (even though my French host mother makes basically all my meals), workout routines (10 minute “Sweat Before You Shower”, it’s so convenient!), and, most importantly, design inspiration. I always promise myself, “Oh, I’ll come back to that later,” and sometimes I do… And then the broken links are absolutely maddening. How will I ever find the perfect list of 20 paper flowers now?!

I could talk about Pinterest all day, but I’ll move on. Here’s my attempt to corral the hundreds of pins I see into an actual inspiration exercise to benefit my upcoming week.


Paint chips / Pink room / Mini succulent / Roasted Veggie Grilled Cheese / Washi tape frames / Dotted Clock DIY / Out-of-my-price-range organizer / The Farm to Table French Phrasebook