Maman? ….Maman? ……………….Maman?

JUST GET UP AND GO FIND YOUR MOTHER BECAUSE EITHER SHE CAN’T HEAR YOU or more likely SHE’S ACTUALLY BUSY DOING SOMETHING which is why she didn’t come immediately when you called. I know, I’m shocked too.

When it comes to how many times a child in this house will call their mom before actually standing up to go find her…



One thought on “Maman? ….Maman? ……………….Maman?

  1. HAHAHAH YES!!! This is pretty much every.single.morning for me. As soon as he wakes up he calls “Maman” repeatedly until she responds. Of course he wakes everybody up as well. He also says “Maman” repeatedly when she’s in the middle of talking to someone and he wants attention. He just keeps saying it over and over (Plus, “Maman, je te parle” until she chooses to stop ignoring him. Drives me crazy.

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