Oh hello there…

So, I started this blog post about my New Years Resolutions, and I failed to post it. How ironic. Here it comes, with some updates since I wrote it….

Long time no see! As an au pair, my schedule is essentially that of a stay-at-home mom, except that I don’t cook or clean or really do any household chores. But I do the kids’ laundry AND my own… And keep my room clean… That counts for something, right? Anyway, my point is that it’s amazing how having so much free time means I get essentially nothing done. Not to worry, my dear blog-followers, that’s all about to change.

This rest of this post will be about New Years Resolutions, so if you’re over that you can stop reading now, since if you’re an avid blog-reader like me you know that everyone posts constantly about this throughout January.

I had actually started doing monthly resolutions before the year ended, after learning that it takes about 21 days to make a habit. It’s been pretty successful, and so far I’ve worked my way to being a Makes-Her-Bed-Every-Day Person, and a Takes-Off-Her-Makeup-Before-Going-To-Bed Person. Here are a few I’ve been working on for the month of January:


1. Preparing for the Real World

I took this year off as an au pair to figure out what I want to do with my life. 4.5 months in and I’m finally starting to figure it out. I HAVE figured out that when I find an opportunity, I need to be ready with a well-made resume and portfolio. I finally replaced my fried computer charger (the third one I’ve had to buy) and I’m proud to say that I revamped my resume and started to really put together my portfolio. Real world, I’m comin’ for ya.

[UPDATE: I got a graphic design job! It’s for a luxury men’s grooming company, so get ready for me to wow you with my knowledge of razors and shaving products. I start on Monday, and I’m so excited, especially since it means I get to interact with adults and buy new work clothes. Oh, and I’m finally making real career moves.]


2. Stop Hitting Snooze Every Morning FOR THE LOVE OF GOD

I have a problem. When my alarm goes off in the morning, I just literally can’t. It’s amazing how motivated I can be before I go to sleep at night with all the best intentions to ~*be productive*~ early in the day. And then it comes to that early wake-up call, my sleepy brain has so many excuses and it’s so good at justifying why I shouldn’t have to get out of bed. This is my resolution that isn’t going well. I’ve tried putting my alarm across the room, turning my lights on once it goes off, everything! Maybe it’s just too ambitious.

[UPDATE: I think my main problem is that having an entirely free day means things like working out, getting dressed, etc. etc. can wait until the hours and hours of free time I have after I drop the kids off. Now that I have a job that I have to go to in the morning, I think that I’ll have more of a motivation to get up and at least put on makeup before taking the kids.]


3. Healthy Lyfestylez

Yes, okay, I know this is the resolution that EVERYONE has. But I figured I should try being a eats-healthy-exercises-regularly person to see how it works for me at least once in my life. I started doing Popsugar’s 2015 Fitness Challenge, so we’ll see how it works out [pun intended]! I can always go back to being lazy, right?

[UPDATE: I’m on Day 26 of the Fitness Challenge, which is probably the furthest I’ve made it in any fitness challenge, ever. When I went on a run last week, I RAN THE WHOLE TIME, which is a big accomplishment because I’ve been trying to “start running” for probably my entire life after age 14.  As for healthy eating, I’m working on it. The hardest part is saying no to the fresh baguettes and bread the family constantly has in the house…  When in France, right? I stopped stealing the kids’ disgustingly-delicious chocolate snacks and eating more vegetables, though.]


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