Re: My Necklace

A: What’s it supposed to be?

Me: Nothing, it’s just a design.

A: C’est pas beaux. (It’s not beautiful)

[He says this with a smug expression of superiority, like, lol you can’t even pick out a necklace and I’m supposed to listen to you when you tell me I have to walk on the sidewalk?]

What I’d Like To Say: You’re a four-year-old boy. You don’t even DRESS YOURSELF in the morning. What on God’s green earth do you think gives you the authority to tell me my necklace isn’t beautiful? You can’t even SPELL necklace. Take that smug little face and come back when you’ve seen other necklaces besides your mother’s. FYI: the ones with stick figure silhouettes and names of her children aren’t particularly stylish. I mean, fine, you don’t like the necklace, kids are brutally honest, blah blah blah. My problem is that you have the AUDACITY to act as if you know better than me, specifically about this subject. I have been wearing necklaces for about five times as long as you’ve been ALIVE. When you’re old enough to buy a necklace for someone/if you choose to wear a necklace yourself, you can call me. Or teleport to me, because that’s how far in the future it will be when your opinion on this subject will have any weight with me.

What I Actually Say: Oh well, you don’t have to wear it!


3 thoughts on “Re: My Necklace

  1. Coucou! I stumbled upon your au pair blog and I love it. I’m also au pairing in France! This story absolutely cracks me up. My four year old loves to go through my jewelry and ask what everything is and for me to model it for him. Hope he lightens up (or gets a better sense of style)


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