Since arriving in Paris, it’s become apparent that I’m missing some necessities. I’ve managed to locate a full length mirror and, courtesy of my trip to Madrid, some new shoes, but here are some things I’m still hoping to find. I’ve been meaning to post this for a while, so I swear it’s a coincidence that it happens to be two weeks until my birthday…

Without further ado, my current wish list includes:

1. A fun sweatshirt to wear to take the kids to school, or over a collared shirt to class.

2. I’ve had trouble committing to spending money on a jacket that isn’t less that 30 euros, but I think this could be the one.

3. A watch to keep track of every time I tell the kids “10 more minutes!” (Though my current strategy of telling them 10 minutes and telling them, “Time’s up!” five minutes later has been working wonderfully. Note to self: make sure no one buys them watches, ever.)

4. THIS CAMERA. Number four on this list, number one in my heart. It makes everything look hip and fun, and obviously I need it to capture all my favorite views of Paris, then use the photos to decorate my room/every room in my life forever. Secret birthday gift giver, don’t forget to buy me film too.

5. A portable mini-sketchbook and an adorable pencil case, because if nothing else I’m going to use this year abroad to become the talented illustrator I’ve always wanted to be.


3 thoughts on “

      1. It’s adorable! An all year round piece, definitely. 🙂 I always find way too many things I “need” while traveling in Europe, but justifying it as something you can’t easily get in the states helps. Just in case you’ll need to treat yourself in the near future. 😉


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