Dear Parents,

I hope you’re enjoying your weekend. I miss you more than I miss thai food and even more that I miss the cats, which I think is really saying something.

Now that I’m older and somewhat wiser, and now that I’m consistently caring for children, I’ve realized that sometimes I probably made you miserable and I have some apologies to make.

I’m sorry, firstly, for all the dishes you had to wash for me, especially when it might have seemed that I was purposely creating more JUST so you had to wash them. I promise this was not the case.

I’m sorry for all the times I begged and begged you for things that were totally unnecessary, like when I wanted AIM in 6th grade or when I wanted those $50 sweatpants from Abercrombie and Fitch. In case you were wondering, the newer generation is begging for Instagram and Minecraft, so at least I’m at an age where I can operate the App Store on my own.

I’m sorry for acting like or thinking that I was smarter than you. After having a 4-year-old insist to me that I had written his name incorrectly (to which I felt the need to respond, “Do you know how many years I’ve been in school? I have a college degree, and you think I can’t spell a four-letter name?”) I have a newfound appreciation for the wisdom of my elders.

Finally, I regret all of the times I forced you to negotiate sibling bickering between Timmy and me. It really didn’t matter who got to use the Burger King Pocahontas glass that had Meeko on it and who had to use the one with Governor Ratcliffe.

This list is obviously missing some things, including but not limited to: paying for things I didn’t need, getting upset at you about things that weren’t your fault, complaining constantly, etc. etc. etc. Overall, here’s a big thanks for not killing me and allowing me to reach this enlightened state. You guys are the best.


3 thoughts on “Dear Parents,

  1. Excuse me those arguments were very important. However I seem to remember getting the Governor Ratcliffe glass more often than not…


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