Oktoberfest 2014

I don’t know if y’all are aware of this, but Oktoberfest is SO FUN. I even kept my dirndl, and I’m not sure how I’ll manage it but odds are I’ll find a way to go next year. Here’s the story of our trip, if you want to check it out!


Since flights were so expensive, Moonie and I decided to make it a road trip. It was cool to see some of the countryside of France and Germany, and Moonie got to drive on the Autobahn! He’s a champ for driving all 16+ hours, especially since some of you know that I have a habit of falling asleep as soon as I get in a moving vehicle, so I’m not always great company in the car 😉

Highlights of the drive: hail storms, art installations on the road, Kinder eggs, and even the rest stops. Rest stops in Europe are so much nicer than the U.S., they’re really comfortable with good food. I guess it’s because there’s less fast food on the side of the road.

We chose to camp with Stoke’s for the weekend, which was really fun (thanks for the suggestion, Anni)! After a long day of driving, being handed beers directly after check-in made us feel right at home. Despite the rain, wet tents, and crowded bathrooms, we had a great time at the campsite. We made lots of friends, and I even ran in to a few people that I knew from UCD! Small world and all that.

Here I am modeling my dirndl at 7am with my first beer of the day:

Modeling my dirndl with the first beer of the day

We were there for the first weekend, which means that they don’t tap the kegs until noon. However, you still have to get there as early as possible in order to get a spot at a table. We didn’t even manage to sit down, so we were standing for about 3 hours before we finally got beer. WORTH IT.




It's bigger than my FACE

The girls who were working at our tables had been doing it together for several years, and some of the men near us had made shirts with their faces on them! It’s dangerous to get in the way of the girls trying to carry the beers to the tables through the crowds, since they’re so heavy. Some of the serving girls actually break their wrists from carrying so many beers, so many of them wear wrist braces.


We got to witness some Oktoberfest traditions, like singing Ein Prosit every 30 minutes (a salute to health and well-being), and people standing on tables to chug their entire beer. If you do this, everyone cheers for you. However, if you spill or can’t finish, you get booed by the entire beer hall.

And I’m not sure if this is a real Oktoberfest tradition, but some of the Australian guys near us got it into their heads that boys shouldn’t be wearing underwear at the festival. They literally started ripping underwear off of the guys around us… And don’t worry, I got photos.



Once their underwear was forcibly removed, they were supposed to throw it onto the giant turning angel (?) sculpture in the middle of the room. Below you can see them using beer to weigh it down.




Not sure if the guys are happy because of the beer, or if it’s related to their lack of underwear.


When we had our fill of beer and the crowds in the beer tent, we went on rides and ate some great food (including the biggest bratwurst EVER).

Oh yeah, we went on that


Yes, that's the biggest hot dog you've ever seen.

Overall, such a great weekend with really fun people! AGAIN AGAIN AGAIN.

I think the weekend tired him out


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