Pictures of Food

Whelp, here I am, three weeks in, and I’m already failing on keeping this blog up to date. I’ve been (semi-)successful at taking more pictures like I promised, but for some reason they’re still not ending up on my blog… Usually, that reason is that in my free time, I’m sleeping. NEWSFLASH: taking care of kids is tiring! Who knew! Also, making new friends is fun but it takes a LOT of energy, because when someone invites me to something I think I have to go because what if they stop inviting me and a month from now I have no friends and all I do is update my blog but there’s nothing to write about and ugh. Other things taking up my free time: reading (when you graduate from college, you get to read books you actually LIKE. jk, I liked those Art History books, but it’s nice to have a break), people visiting me, going to weird European doctor’s appointments, drinking wine, eating…

Which brings me to the point of this post. I may not be in the zone of posting regularly yet, BUT for your viewing pleasure, here’s some of the meals I remembered to take pictures of.

Anyway, if anyone out there is worried about me, I’m alive, and I’m well fed, if nothing else. Still adjusting, and I don’t start my French classes for another week and a half, so until then I’m living in a weird in-between of having just a leeeeeetle bit too much free time. A blessing, and a curse.

Next weekend: Oktoberfest! Prepare yourselves for pictures of beer and pretzels. And hopefully me in a dirndl.


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